Our chiropractors Dr Louise Farrelly, Dr Ivan Ranwell and Dr Warren Browne, and massage therapist Estelle Browne, have a wealth of clinical experience with patients of all ages, challenges and walks of life. They are experts in spinal health and are dedicated in providing you with the tools and effective solutions to get you active again to lead a healthier and more enjoyable life!

Our chiropractic assistants Jodette Mudge, Sheryl Matthews and Carol Tauroa, will provide you with all the necessary information for your chiropractic visits. They are always available and readily able to answer any questions you may have. If you have a specific question for the chiropractor, the ladies behind the desk will make us available to you.

We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible and eliminate any apprehension you may have. Chiropractic care involves a series of visits, with each one building on the ones before. It is important we establish a successful patient relationship early therefore by explaining everything in advance we eliminate any uncertainty and establish the trust that is needed.


Dr Louise Farrelly ~ Chiropractor

Louise FarrellyLouise was born and raised in Te Awamutu and graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2002. She has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and Physiology which she did concurrently with her Bachelor of Chiropractic degree.

Before setting up Te Awamutu Family Chiropractic Louise worked as an associate chiropractor in Mount Maunganui for 4 years at Bayfair Chirocare. After meeting her husband she decided to set up her own practice in her hometown of T.A.

Louise practises Applied Kinesiology and as a mum, is very interested in Pediatric Chiropractic which she is currently studying. She loves seeing kids and babies!

Louise’s passions include her children and family. She loves to read and cook delicious food which her children never eat. Louise is currently working part-time while her children are still young and they’re not embarrassed by her.

Louise practices the following techniques:
  • – Applied Kinesiology
  • – Webster technique
  • – Cranio-sacral therapy
  • – Pediatric Chiropractic


Dr Ivan Ranwell ~ Chiropractor

Ivan joined the team in December 2016. He is South African born and a qualified chiropractor who had been living in Malaysia for 7 years with his wife Hayley, and 2 young children. Ivan practices with a wellness approach to chiropractic and believes it’s integral to leading a healthy lifestyle. He feels a responsibility to take the time to help patient’s make and maintain lasting improvements in their health through regular adjustments, advice on lifestyle modifications, ergonomics, exercise and diet.

With 2 small children, family practice has been a natural gravitation. Ivan’s first position after graduating in 2001 was as an associate in a family practice in East London, then South Africa for 2 years, before embarking on his South American adventure, working in Lima Peru for 6 years. In 2009 he accepted a position in Malaysia.

Both Ivan and Hayley are from a rural background, Ivan was raised on a farm, while Hayley grew up in a small town riding horses from a young age. They are excited to be a part of a rural community again and adopt a kiwi lifestyle.

Ivan practices the following techniques:
  • – Diversified
  • – Thompson Drop Table
  • – Activator
  • – Soft Tissue active release


Dr Warren Browne ~ Chiropractor

Warren BrownWarren joined Te Awamutu Family Chiropractic in November 2013, he has been a practicing chiropractor for 28 years in Dunedin.  Warren’s children and a granddaughter now live in the Waikato area hence the desire for him and his wife to be closer to them with the warmer weather an added bonus!

Warren’s father was a chiropractor so chiropractic is certainly not new to him.  It was always is desire to study chiropractic however he started his working career at Otago University in the physical education department as a research assistant for the department of biomechanics and human movement.  He was involved in research into the gait and lower limb movement of individuals with rheumatoid arthritis.  Three years working at Otago University fuelled his interest in both research methods and in human performance later helping better evaluate the efficacy of chiropractic.  After practicing chiropractic for some years he returned to the same Otago University physical education faculty to do post graduate work in the research of human movement of those suffering multiple sclerosis.

Warren really enjoys watching people improve in function and health with chiropractic and the rapport he has been able to develop with so many different people that often share their life experiences.

Aside from lots of family involvement, Warren enjoys the outdoor pursuits, such as tramping, climbing and mountain biking.  Although age has curtailed the level of intensity in these activities Warren still really enjoys getting out and doing them.


Estelle Browne ~ Massage Therapist

Estelle recently joined the team, she has been the lead massage therapist in a multi-disciplinary musculoskeletal practice down south for twenty years. Her approach is to promote balance in the soft tissue systems so that postural form and functional movement trains are working well in an optimal and integrated way.

Estelle’s range of practise includes – shoulder dysfunction, rotator imbalance, pre and post natal care, elderly care, plantar fasciitis, repetitive strain injuries, sports grooming, irritable necks, foot and hand pain i.e. trigger finger etc, hip bursitis and tennis elbow.

All massages are tempered to the patient’s pain tolerances, Estelle is experienced treating a wide range of clients from children to elderly care.

Estelle practices the following techniques:
  • – blading (a myofascial release technique)
  • – trigger point work
  • – deep tissue stripping and manipulation
  • – taping and some prescriptive exercise


The massage service can be accessed during a course of chiropractic treatment, used as a maintenance tool, or as a casual consult.

In her down time Estelle enjoys mountain biking with the family, gardening, running and the odd cafe visit.  She also loves to get out for a ride on the motor bike.

Estelle is looking forward to meeting you soon!


Jodette Mudge ~ Chiropractic Assistant

Jodette MudgeJodette joined the team in 2014 to replace Naida while she was on maternity leave, we have been lucky enough that Jodette agreed to stay on picking up some afternoon shifts and covering leave.   Jodette is born and bred in Te Awamutu and therefore may be a familiar face to you.

When searching for Naida’s replacement Jodette stood out from the rest with her friendly and easy going nature. She came highly recommended by a patient and is subsequently now a patient herself.

Jodette brings a sense of calm to TAFC and has slotted easily into Naida’s role (and thats no easy feat). Jodette understands that the human body is something to be admired and cared for, and that chiropractic plays a vital role in maintaining health.




Sheryl Matthews ~ Chiropractic Assistant

Sheryl MatthewsSheryl became a patient in 2005 after being recommended by her sister to Dr Louise. In 2006 we asked Sheryl to apply for a part-time position at TAFC, and she now has a permanent position here. Sheryl has been in the Waikato region her entire life and is a well-known face anywhere you can get a good coffee.

She has always been interested in a natural approach to health and well being, and is a great spokesperson for chiropractic. Sheryl knows that health come from within, thus having a nervous system free from interference or irritation is absolutely necessary to express good health. She is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking… maybe this is why there is a permanent smile on her face.



Carol Tauroa ~ Chiropractic Assistant

CarolCarol became a patient in 2013 after being recommended by her son Laurie. Carol has lived in the Te Awamutu district since 1980, owning a dairy farm with her husband Ted and has previously worked in banking and education.
Carol says “health and well-being and the concept of Hauora and Rongoa practices are important to our whanau, and it is a privilege and an honour to be working with the very talented colleagues at TAFC, who will keep my kete of knowledge full”.
Carol’s interests include environmental projects, being a Maungatautari Ecological island Trust Volunteer, being actively involved with her whanau marae, enjoying Kapa Haka and following her beloved grandchildren in their various activities.

Hauora – is a Maori philosophy of health unique to New Zealand. Meaning “Well-being”, it encompasses the physical, mental and emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of health. All four dimensions are necessary for strength and symmetry.

Rongoa – is traditional Maori medicine – a system of healing that was passed on orally. It’s comprised diverse practices and an emphasis on the spiritual dimension of health. Rongoa includes herbal remedies, physical therapies such as massage and manipulation, and spiritual healing.


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