From the moment you walk into our chiropractic office and are welcomed by our friendly chiropractic assistant, the emphasis will be on you and your health goals. Everything we do from this point forward will be dedicated to providing you with the finest care possible. Your first visit will take approximately 30 minutes. We are respectful of your time and always strive to be on time.

On initial examination we ask that you fill out our Registration and Consent forms. Your chiropractor will perform a thorough case history, noting any accidents, surgeries you may have had, any medication or supplements you may be prescribed or taking, or other health concerns you may have.

A series of tests called Orthopaedic and Neurological tests, are performed to rule out or determine the nature of your complaint.

A thorough Chiropractic physical exam is then performed to determine the areas of concern within your spine. We consistently check the whole spine for subluxations, as where you feel the pain, isn’t always where the problem is coming from, and can often create a misalignment somewhere else in the spine to compensate.

Our Chiropractors will determine whether you need x-rays based on the information gathered from your health history and examination. It is not routine for us to x-ray all patients. If x-rays are required, in order for us to provide you with safe chiropractic care, then you will be given a referral to our local radiology clinic.

If you have been referred by their G.P or another health professional, we make it a habit to write a letter outlining the patient’s condition. This means the other health professional is aware that you have followed through with their recommendation by seeing us, and in turn we inform them of your condition and that it is being addressed in the appropriate manner.

In most cases a spinal adjustment will be performed on the first visit, however, our upmost concern is patient safety. Thus depending on your requirements and limits, we may refer for x-rays and/or other scans/imaging before we commence with chiropractic care.


We will discuss with you your clinical findings in conjunction with x-rays or any other relevant scans/information you may have. At this time we suggest a recommended schedule of care for you to gain the best possible outcome from your chiropractic care.

If you have received your first adjustment then we will discuss the changes associated with this, these can vary from pleasant, favourable changes to being slightly uncomfortable and not so pleasant. This is not unlike going to the gym or doing exercise for the first time in a while. By adjusting the spine we alter the structure of the body that you are so used to. Achey muscles and joints are a sure sign that we have made changes with your bodys alignment. And these changes are a positive sign.