Chiropractors must undergo a minimum 5 year full-time tertiary education comprising of no less than 4,200 hours of instruction. The extensive degree curriculum, specialising in Chiropractic, includes diverse subjects such as; anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry, neurology, philosophy, psychology, physics, physiology, radiography, radiology, along with spinal analysis and adjusting procedures. Many Chiropractors also hold a Bachelor degree in a related health field.

In New Zealand the qualification awarded is a Bachelor Degree in Chiropractic (B.Chiro) which is equivalent to the Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree in North America. Chiropractors in New Zealand are entitled to use the courtesy title ‘Dr’.

There are several accrediting agencies for Chiropractic institutions in various regions of the world. Only Chiropractors who have graduated from approved institutions that meet rigorous international standards and have passed the New Zealand Chiropractic Board examination process may become registered and legally practice in New Zealand. Be sure to only consult a registered Chiropractor and preferably one who is a member of the NZCA.

Chiropractors may also undertake post-graduate training, generally equivalent to two years of instruction, leading to fellowship status in clinical sciences, radiology, neurology, sports sciences, paediatrics or orthopaedics.

With the concept of lifelong learning, members of the NZCA are encouraged to participate in an ongoing professional development programme by completing further post graduate or continuing education activities each year.

For further information or you are interested in a career in chiropractic, please look up the New Zealand College of Chiropractic website at